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Anja Hansen's Portrait

self portrait

I dislike people that drag their feet and spit on the floor.

I dislike doors, the wind breeze and elevators.

I dislike obligations, norms and unsaid stuff.

I like to dance, move, sing, laugh, touch, squeeze, observe, listen, press, kiss and more if desired.

I like Indian ink for its precision, its shades and its purity.

I like drawing for the faster, dustier side of it.

I like painting for its colors, its smell and its softness.

I am gaining a big interest in sculpting because creating my characters in 3D with different materials is fun.


I’d say that I like creating because it offers me a total liberty. It’s an infinite space with no limits. I like to go there and let myself flow…

Anja Hansen-Suisse | +004176.379.13.77 | info@anjahansen.com